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Reportaling is a Glitch in the Portal game series. This occurs because of a mechanic in both games that tries to move you out of a portal when it closes, giving a boost to your velocity.

How to

Portal 2, Post Patch
The only way to execute this glitch in Portal 2 is by using a vertical or sloped surface to get the boost from the re-portal, as this does not work if both portals are horizontal. The easiest chamber to attempt this in is Pit Flings, or sp_a2_pit_flings.
Start by placing both portals on the ground, but do not go through either just yet. Decide which one you will be re-portaling through, lets use blue in this scenario. Face a wall with a portable surface in it, and fall through the blue portal. Once your vision is approximately about to enter the portal, place the same color portal you are falling through (blue in our case) on the portable surface in front of you. If done correctly, you will get a noticeable boost in momentum, launching you upwards. The timing of firing for the reportal is extremely precise, and practice is key. A good example (albeit fast) is in Znernicus's single segment run (not going to link due to possible copyright, I'm not sure.)
Joric's video: https://youtu.be/fcsWENpoKAA
Portal 2, pre Patch
Done in the same manner as the post-patch way, except you can do it on horizontal surfaces and the timing is a lot more lenient.
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