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Portal Quick Reentry

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Portal Quick Reentry Glitch
Discoverer(s) Z1mb0bw4y
Games Portal, Portal:Prelude
Engine Orangebox Engine
Used in Portal Done Pro-er, Portal:Prelude Speedrun

Portal Quick Reentry (PQR) is an Out of Bounds reentry glitch for Portal. In other words, this allows the player to reenter the current map from OoB. It is a type of PDR, it is more versatile than most other Reentry Glitches, as it is faster and easier to use and can be used to enter an area from the bottom, not solely from the top.


  • Place a portal under the area where you want to reenter
  • Place the other portal somewhere on the map (inbounds/OoB does not matter)
  • Move through the second portal, and while moving through, shoot the first color on a portable surface nearby. The first portal will get cancelled and the player will pop back inbounds. The timing window is 6-8 ticks(~0.1 seconds) if you walk into a portal on a wall.

There is a alternative method, in which the last portal is shot on a far surface; the player then moves into the portal with slight delay. This allows the player to do another PQR to reenter another room very fast. This method was used in the Portal:Prelude run.

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