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Portal Partner Boost

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Portal Partner Boost
Video demonstrating Cube Partner Stucking Speed Boost
Discoverer(s) Unknown
Games Portal 2
Engine Source 2011

Portal Partner Boost - trick whereby you, with the help of the Portal and your partner, can receive a large boost in speed (600-1200 ups) or jump boost(don't know how much ups up).

How to

First of all one of you must put portal-entrance and portal-exit. Portal-entrance you have to put in a place where you will accelerate (overclocking is small, 300-400 UPS). The second portal is put there from where you will receive a boost. Depending on what trick you will do, it will depend on the location of your partner.




Go to Portal-Exit and stand next to him, a little going into it. Further, if you throw away a bug, re-enter the same place. After stay you must press ctrl. Should be on the road to acceleration (bhop acceleration), after your partner has become the right place, you must accelerate (bhop, wallstrafe etc.) and jump into the portal. There will be a bug where you will be stuck for a certain time in each other after which the server will speed up the Boost-Partner while the Stay-Partner will remain in place. The server at the time of the collision did not fix the speed of the Stay-Partner (BUT: the server can calculate a simple collision that will throw the Stay-Partner on a couple of units)


Be in the middle of the portals you put, a little going out on the portal-exit side. After stay you must press ctrl. If you throw away a bug, re-enter the same place. You have to be on the right or to the left of Portal-entrance, and after your Stay-Partner is in the right position to try to jump on his head. Because of the bug, you can throw away content high.


  • Its bug don't have any common name.

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