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Portal Bisection Fallthrough

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Portal Bisection Fallthrough Glitch
Discoverer(s) Discovered by: Demonstrate (?)
Games Portal, Portal:Prelude
Engine Orangebox Engine
Used in Portal:Prelude Speedrun

Portal Bisection Fallthrough is a OoB-reentry glitch for Portal. It is a special type of PDR that works only when the player is OoB on top of a ceiling and has enough portable surface for 2 portals. The main benefit of it is that it only requires 1 color of portals and does neither destroy portals nor does it place portals inbounds, unlike the majority other Reentry Glitches.


Place a portal on top of the OoB surface, fall through it and shoot the same color somewhere else in a specific timing, in order to make the current portal disappear when the player is halfway through it.

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