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Object Boosting

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Object Boosting

The Object Boosting (abbreviated as obbo by some) is a technique that allows you to obtain very high speeds by exploiting a flaw in the "Object Pushing" functionality of the +use command, and maintaining it using the proper maneuvers. The speed you can obtain from an object is quite variable and depends on how long you press the use key on the object and the framerate value.

How to

Performing an Object Boost can be done manually, or using specialized, much more precise scripts that you can find in the Half-Life Scripts page. To perform an Object Boost, the usual technique is getting in front of any movable object, such as a box or a chair, facing the direction where you want to be boosted sideways, pressing the A/D key and either pressing the use key and release it as quickly as possible, or pressing the key where you binded the Object Boost script.

Different techniques can be applied, for example you can make an Object Boost in front of an object facing the direction where you want to be boosted without crashing agaisn't it if you either destroy it right after you execute the boost, or the object is lost from sight.


  • The maximum speed reachable with an object boost in normal circunstances is 2000 units per second (UPS). However, with a viewangle of 45º - you are able to move at 2828UPS.
  • The hard limit of speed that can be gained using an object is 4040UPS, however this velocity is reduced to 2828UPS as soon as the +use key is released, and this speed is only reachable by manipulating the game physics using configurable variables.
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