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Ladderspeeding is a trick that allows you to climb fasters much faster.


The trick is available for both GoldSrc and Source Engine games, though they work differently.


GoldSrc allows you to climb ladders in two ways. Either point at the ladder and move forward to ascend, backwards to descend, or point up the ladder to ascend, and look down to descend. If you use both methods together, you can climb at double speed.

Source Engine

If you repeatedly jump and crouch while on a ladder, it sends you hurtling up it.



Simply point upwards or downwards, hold forward and strafe towards the wall to start climbing.

However, this only applies to perfectly vertical ladders. The optimal viewangles for maximum climbing speed on a slanted ladder is not so straightforward. Although slanted ladders are extremely rare in vanilla Half-Life games, they can sometimes arise in mods or custom maps. If you intend to create a highly optimised run or TAS, you may use this calculator to calculate the optimal viewangles precisely.


You can use an Autohotkey Script that helps you to do the trick. Simply mount yourself on a ladder, start climbing, press and hold the TAB key (by default) to run the script.

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