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The Doubleduck (often shorten to DD or DDuck) is a simple technique which is very easy to learn and allows you to get up edges that are 32 units high or less without jumping.

There are a few situations where the Doubleduck comes in handy. You can get up small edges faster than it would be possible with jumping (you spend less time in air with doubleduck, so depending on the scenario, you maybe won't need to wait for the landing to continue). Doubleduck can also be used to change the pattern of your bhop. For example, if there is a gap you can't make with 3 jumps but you can with 4. Then maybe it's possible to get over with a doubleduck and 3 jumps.

How to

To perform a Doubleduck is easy, just run against the edge you want to get up, hold the forward (or sideward) key and press duck twice. But you have to do it quite fast and that's why you should practice it a bit if you want to be able to perform it fast and effective.

Note: If your scroll buttons aren't bound to anything we strongly recommend that you bind either mwheelup or mwheeldown to "+duck" (bind "MWHEELDOWN" "+duck"). That way you just have to scroll down or up to get up the edge, which is way easier and more effective.


The Duckroll (Also called Duckloop by some) is a variation of the Doubleduck technique, it consists on using an alias to make continuous and very fast doubleducks, It is mainly used to control your speed when moving at a very high velocity and to maintain speed when moving towards a staircase, among other useful situations.

You can find scripts to perform both Doubleduck the Duckroll on the Half-Life Scripts page.


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