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Cube Partner Stucking

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Cube Partner Stucking
Video demonstrating Cube Partner Stucking repeatedly
Discoverer(s) Unknown
Games Portal 2
Engine Source 2011

Cube Partner Stucking - Very useful trick which can help to climb on very big place, can help make oob. The trick is to stick a cube in your partner. Its trick can make next to wall or without. Its trick can make with Stuck-Partner jump and Boost-Partner can don't touch cube BUT he cant boost up. In trick can make gestures but be carefully.

How to

  • Strongly recommend that Stuck-Partner will Atlas because he can write his velocity. P-Body in cl_showpos 1 always will have 5.00 velocity but he can hear fall-down sound when he have more then 500 velocity.




Stage 1 Must stay anywhere, and must look up because when you will have high velocity you can automatically put cube and glitch must make again Must put cube and stay next to Stuck-Partner so that you can put a cube between you. To look it is necessary aside Stuck-Partner and it is necessary to look downwards, approximately 30-45 degrees from a bottom

Start Make

Stage 2: Try Make Recommend be Atlas because only him can see his velocity(cl_showpos 1). Must stay and write your velocity. Throw the cube at the last moment and try to push the cube in Stuck-Partner
Stage 3: Raise speed Must stay To raise the speed you need to shake the cube. BUT: Be carefully because in this moment(when cube on Stuck-Partner) cube very un-stable and any powerful shake can knock out of your Stuck-Partner and trick must make again.
Stage 4:Boost-Partner boosting Wait Now, when you make necessary speed you must try jump on cube and then jump on Stuck-Partner Head. When you jump on Stuck-Partner Head you boost up.
Stage 5:Stuck-Partner boosting Now you lower the mouse(the look) and must pick up cube. When you pick up cube you boost too. BUT: as your Boost-Partner was boost on your head, he was upper then you then he boost higher then you. Wait Stuck-Partner


  • Other potential names: Cube Glitch
  • If make this trick not carefully you can stuck your Stuck-Partner in wall
  • This trick does not have a generally accepted name but I (LixonixBY) called it so. In the event that the title still exists, please rename the page and delete this comment
  • Its bug randomly can work on other map-places and can don't work. idk why. :/
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