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Box Item Duplicating

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Box Item Duplicating
Discoverer(s) coolkid
Games Half-Life

Opposing Force
Blue Shift

Engine GoldSrc

Box Item Duplicating is a glitch that spawns the item inside of a box twice when the box gets destroyed. To trigger the glitch, an explosive box must be nearby.

Explanation and How-to

When you destroy both a crate with an item inside and an explosive crate in one shot (using a shotgun), the crate with the item will break twice - once from the shotgun bullet and again from the explosion. This will make the item spawn twice. Since the shotgun fires multiple bullets (with a decent spread), you may want to damage the crate a bit (without breaking it) first, and then shoot inbetween the first crate and the explosive crate, to ensure that both crates will break.

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