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Discovered by: Unknown



Ballslicing is a Portal 2 glitch where one tries to slice an edgeless safety cube in half. This is achieved by timing a hard light bridge so that it appears just as the ball passes through. Instead of cutting the ball in half though, the ball stops dead and falls straight down, rather than continueing its flight path.


The timing is pretty narrow, but certainly not hard. Depending on your reaction time, look for a mark. As soon as the ball passes that mark, shoot a portal so the bridge appears. If you fire too late, the ball will continue its flight as if nothing happened. If you fire too early, the ball will bounce off the bridge. If either one of these is the case, quickly move the bridge somewhere else and try again, adjusting your timing accordingly.


The glitch saves significant amount of time on mp_coop_wall_5. In the second room, the ball flies across one portalable surface, which can be used to perform the glitch. Because of latency, it is recommended that Atlas performs the glitch. It is not impossible for P-Body to do it, but they will have to fire earlier, depending on the amount of lag. As Atlas, try firing the portal as soon as the Ball hits the yellow line on the left.


  • When attempting mp_coop_wall_5 solo, the glitch gets obsoleted by a different, single player only trick. It involves simply grabbing the ball through a portal.
  • The ball can either fall straight down on the left side of the bridge, or the right side.
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