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Aerial Faith Plate Block

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AFPB demonstrate in 3 sec. and 17 sec.
Discoverer(s) Unknown
Games Portal 2
Engine Source 2011

Aerial Faith Plate Block, or AFPB for short, trick which make with partrner(Co-op) and which can help boost up(change faith plate trajectory). Its trick only can help one partner, other partner cant boost up with you.

How to

Your Partner must stay in front of Aerial Faith Plate. Depending on how close you come to the panel of the faith panel, the range and height of the boost will depend. The farther from the panel (trigger) - the farther and farther you fly, the closer you get - the closer and higher you fly. After your partner stay you must become on the side and jump on.


  • showtriggers_toggle command can help show Aerial Faith Plate Trigger
  • ent_text trigger_catapult command can help show Aerial Faith Plate Boost Trajectory.
  • In some maps trigger can be very big or very low.
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