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Discoverer(s) Many
Games Portal 2
Engine Source 2011

Anti-Fizzler Save Cube Trick, or AFSCT, its trick which work only in co-op and with which you can save a cube passing through the Material Emancipation Grill(Fizzler).

How to


  • 1 Route Glitch. Put prop(cube,ball etc.), go next to Fizzler, hold crouch button, maximally lower the mouse down(a couple of degrees will do nothing) , and carefully start pass Material Emancipation Grill(Fizzler).
Can save: Cubes, Disk
Cant save: Ball
  • 2 Route Trick. Put prop, and try drop cube maximize close to Fizzler then go to other side and maximize far try put cube.
Can save: All
  • 3 Route Glitch. Put prop, go next to Fizzler, after go close to the wall next to Fizzler, look at the wall and exactly in the middle (a couple of degrees will not do anything), then use Strafe Buttons to pass the Fizzler neatly.
Can save: Cubes, Disk
Cant save: Ball


  • This trick don't have any common name.
  • 1 Way cant make if make uneven surface(for example: small clip that lifts you up a couple of units up) - Cube will removed

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