Objects Edge Glitch

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Object Edge Glitch
Video demonstrating Edge Glitch
Discoverer(s) Unknown
Games Portal 2
Engine Source 2011

Object Edge Glitch - Glitch with can put props(cubes and etc.) across walls(Glass, Metal and etc. not fat walls). Possible only Single testchambers.

How to

The first portal should be placed next to the lattice (glass) through which we want to teleport the cube. The second portal should be placed on the angle of the inclined surface.Now you must take the cube and try to shove it not into the portal, but next to it, from the side. If in relation to the first portal the grid is on the right then the cube should be shoved to the right of the second portal, if it is left - then the left and right, respectively. If the cube fell not where you wanted then you can try to take the cube. To take you should be near the lattice, next to the portal. Next, you should look at the cube and try to enter and exit through the portal trying to take a cube.


  • Don't have any common name
  • Very Randomly bug
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