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Your name?
Denis G.

You live in (city & country)?
Russia, Noginsk

Your birthdate?

Your occupation/job/studies?

Your hobbies?
C++ programming, drawing, music writing, electric guitar, gaming, 3d-modelling, speedcubing etc.

Your em@il/aim/icq/mirc/steam/msn/youtube/homepage?
steam: mav745
DA: [1]
youtube: [2]
skype: mav845

Your music taste?
Rock, metall, trance, post-grunge, liquid DnB

Anything you want to add here (about yourself)?
Jack of all trades. Founder of HL1 dev1/250fps feature (and that 251fps moon jump, and knowing how to fix it w/o any coding, and all other things in HL1), former WR holder of agtricks.bsp with time of 33.some.thing (sadly there is no scoreboard for that). Creator of OpenGF32 anticheat (kind of), HL1 bhop cheat (which turned out to be so powerfull I had to implement "stop" feature in it, and I hardly even use it ever since). HL1 minor modder. Known mods are

ZOMG-zombie mod featuring zomibe types from HL2

Streetpack basketball with detpacks

HL1Sim - RPG-ish co-op mod featuring HL2-style objects pick up and carrying around

Cyber-Gamer rev5 featuring normalmapping, 3d-skybox, 3D-neon-like spectator overview,
3rd-person visible console, wallriding, dynamic weather, water bhoping, alot more

HL1DM dkfufkbot - most ambitious bot in HL history. It can gaussjump (somewhat),
airstrafe around corners, circle-jump, sprint-run, use longjump, combo-fire with all
weapons like pro-players do etc. And I have ideas for bunnyhop-pathfinding algorithms too.

Favourite humor book - HL1 SDK.

Your nickname (story behind it)?
Maverick Jey-Kidding.
Many ppl confuse it for mavericks from Megaman series. But I actually took it from TOP-GUN movie, cuz I'm in love with jet fighters. As for "Jey-Kidding" - that goes after my passion for Sonic universe. I use to play some forum RPG about Sonic, so with time I had to thought up some second name for my chara. It now tends to be my actuall pseudoname, lol.

Your config (key bindings, etc)?
bind mouse2 +bhop;
I play on key-pad, cuz I used to have minimum distance between hands (that probably goes from 90's habit of holding old-consoles gamepads)

Size of (Gold)Source directory on your HD?
Somewhat big, I dunno

Computer specs (processor/videocard/mouse etc)?
core2duo 2020 2.9Ghz, gt 630, 6GB RAM, 2TB HDD, steelseries kana v2 game mouse, standart lightgray PS/2 keyboard

First contact to speedrunning (when, how etc.)?
When I got to AG I knew nothing about bhoping. But then I saw some video of some dude with blue HUD passing agtricks.bsp in 42 seconds (turned out to be -HR- Slimka).

First speedrunning demo?
don't remember, but something about agtricks ofc

Favorite speedrun(s) from yourself (the one(s) that you're most proud of)?
All of my agtricks PB's and WR

Favorite speedrun(s) from others?
Lots of. Spider-Waffle's HL1, HL2DQ, HL2 DwaHMoV etc.

Favorite player (runs/100%/marathon/coop)?

Favorite trick in a speedrun?
Aircontroll whenever

Most difficult thing ever done in a speedrun?
Perfect duck-spam to climb that staircase in agtricks' first room

Most annoying monster/map?
don't rly have those

What other games than (Gold)Source do you like?
Sonic series, combat aviation games

Anything else you want to add here?
My current project is 16-bit-console-like 2D-platformer about my fan-chara, which unites HL1 and Sonic play-styles.

Bhop is love, Bhop is life

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