Excursion Funnel Flying

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Excursion Funnel Flying
Video demonstrating ExFu or CFG
Discoverer(s) NabsterHax
Engine Source 2011
Used in Portal 2 Segmented WR

Excursion Funnel Flying, or ExFu for short, is a glitch in Portal 2. This occurs due to the game engine assigning a flying tag to the player while being in an Excursion Funnel, and the player manipulating the game engine to keep the flying tag while outside of the Funnel, effectively flying.

Be sure when attempting this glitch you never jump into the funnel, as this will render you unable to crouch, a vital part in getting this to work. Always fall or walk into the funnels. It's also recomended to have 'cl_showpos 1' enabled in the console to know exactly when you stop moving.

How to

  • Routes:

1. Start by walking or falling into a funnel. Wait until you reach the top of the funnel, and watch your velocity from the cl_showpos command. When that zeros out, change your crouch state (if you were crouched, uncrouch and vice versa). Stay in whatever your new crouch state is and exit the funnel by either pressing w or air-strafing. You will now be moving in a zero gravity state until you either A) change your crouch state again or B) remove a portal the you manipulated the funnel with.
2. You must stay next to end of Excursion Funnel, carefully go inside (NOT completely, so that it does not suck inside full), wait some seconds, then hold ctrl, wait some seconds again, can go out.

  • Funnel Horizontal

Possible all Routes

  • Funnel Vertical up

1 Route

  • Funnel Vertical down

2 Route


  • Other name of this bug: CFG(Crouch Flying Glitch)
  • If you do this glitch while in a funnel that was not manipulated by a portal of yours, it's possible to take the glitch with you past level changes.
  • You can land on the ground with this glitch enabled, and your movement will return to what it would be as if normally walking or crouching. However, as soon as you jump, this glitch will come into effect again.

Special Thanks

DemonStrate, ExplodingCabbage, Inexistence and Scepheo for their research on this glitch. More information can be found here [1]

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