Accelerated Back Hopping

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Accelerated Back Hopping

Accelerated Back Hopping (ABH for short) is a Glitch, and it's the main method of transportation on OrangeBox Engine-based games. ABH totally replaces Bunnyhopping, which was fixed in the OrangeBox Engine. It is also significantly faster than bunnyhopping.

How to

To ABH you need to face the opposite direction of where you are about to go, then jump backwards, hold the duck key and continue jumping as you hit the ground. You need to release your directional keys while ABH-ing in order to maintain and increase your speed. You can make turns by changing the direction where you are facing and pressing a certain strafe key.

Also you can jump forward, then while in the air quickly turn around and continue ABH-ing.

ABHing and Bunnyhopping comparsion chart, shows the speed gain on each jump (no sprint).


When you exceed the game's speed limit (320 units per second), the game automatically slows you down as soon as you land by taking off a certain amount of your speed needed to get back to 320 ups. By default the game thinks that you're moving forwards, so when you exceed the speed limit, it'll try to push you the opposite direction from where you are facing to slow you down. If you are traveling backwards, this will only give you more speed. So, the more ups you're above the speed limit - the more force the game will apply to you - the more speed you'll get.


There are some ways to gain speed similar to ABH:

Accelerated Forward Hopping (AFH)
When you gained some speed while ABH-ing, you can turn around and hold S. This way the game thinks that you are traveling backwards and so it will try to decelerate you by applying force the direction you are facing, so you still gain speed. But it is not as fast as ABH because when you are holding S, you are slowing down due to airstrafing. So when you AFH it is best to hold S only when you hit the ground and jump.
Accelerated Side Hopping (ASH)
You can also ABH sideways. To do that you need to jump, turn your mouse a bit to the side and then hold S + strafe key opposite to the direction that you turned your mouse to (if you turned your mouse to the left, you'll need to hold S + D, to the right - S + A).
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